Credit card only. No Cash. No Checks.


What to Bring

Collateral (ID, key, credit card, etc) waterproof camera, water, snacks, sunscreen


What to Wear

Swimsuit, shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Whatever you feel comfortable in on the water, and don't mind getting wet!


Large Groups

All rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. We do not take reservations. This applies to all instructors wishing to rent boards for their own classes and also private parties.

Due to high rental demand, my vote would be to get you on the water as quickly as possible! To do this - plan your group outing Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

Have a big family? We suggest renting our megladon (holds 5-7 adults), we charge by the paddle (so those little tykes can just hitch a ride for free!)

I hate to even have to say this, but we are not your babysitter. Parents, you are your childs best advocate. If they are under 16, you must be ON the water with them. If you are uncomfortable with that, another activity may be better suited for your family.