Unlimited Season Pass -

Unlimited Season Pass

$ 235.00

You are a true paddleboard VIP! Starts the first day you use it, then expires the end of the season purchased. Use it all day, every day when we're open! 

Le's get to the good stuff

Woop woop, you're part of the in crowd now! During regualar business hours on site at our established rental locations (no off site rentals). Starts the first day of the season, expires the last day we are open of the same season (normally around the end of September).

The fine print: During open rental hours only. Boards and kayaks are available by first come, first serve (no reservations), and do not include any classes. Online purchases will be mailed out immediately, are not available for pickup at the lake unless requested beforehand.  Expires at the end of the year of the season the pass is purchased in.

Passes are non-refundable once issued. Are only good for the person who purchased them. Must bring photo ID each time you rent. 

Please send the name of the person you want on the season pass if different from the ship to name.