Paddleboard & Kayak Rentals

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We've got you covered, seriously, I'm proud to say we have the largest stand up paddleboard (SUP) rental fleet in Oklahoma, and one of the largest in the United States, say what? Just this season, we've managed to squeeze even more into our truck. That fancy little truck can be seen on Lake Overholser in Bethany, Oklahoma. The river just north of the lake stretches for miles and miles, trust us, it's a beauty few know about in Oklahoma, and something you need to see to believe. 

How we roll, rentals are first come first serve. Sorry, no reservations. Sometimes there's gonna be a wait, bring a frisbee and hang with us for just a few short minutes. Don't want to wait? Try coming during the week when nobody else wants to come, or be there first thing when we open. We charge by the paddle, just 15 bucks an hour. That includes your board, paddle, and lifejacket. Lifejackets are the law, and guess what? I don't get the ticket-you do. How we get around looking like a goofball? Our fanny pack size lifejackets (available for over 16 years old) make you look as cool as possible.

Restrictions. No age limit, ability depends on individual person. Not recommended for children under 8. Our largest boards only hold 230-250lbs. If you are close to the limit, please do not request our smaller purple boards.