2019 Sponsors
2019 Sponsors
2019 Sponsors

2019 Sponsors

$ 50.00

The why: Flat Tide is expanding to better serve the public, to give more singles and families something active to do together. We will be fundraising to assist in our development and expansion of our current location in Bethany, plus expand to another location on Lake Hefner. The funds will go to the structure (a modified shipping container), kayaks and paddleboards, life jackets, paddles, picnic tables, etc. Funding will be allocated to phase I first, and phase II second if backing allows. Phase I: will be to expand our services to the Lake Hefner location. Setting up a cool . Phase II: will be to enhance the Overholser location with the same.

We are excited to be working with the City of Oklahoma City to bring you more weekly and monthly events this year! They have been amazing to work with thus far, we have a lot to attribute to their kindness.

Sponsoring Flat Tide
Each sponsor will receive the following recognition: 
Corporate logo or name on all emailed newsletter (our email list is currently at 6,500 subscribers)
Recognition on our website (11,000 hits during season) with link back to your website if applicable.
The knowledge that you’re helping to create an active lifestyle for those in Okc and surrounding areas.

Level I - $50+         10%* off all rentals during the 2019 season

Level 2 - $125+    This seasons hoodie

Level 3 - $500+     Advertisement on Flat Tide’s What to Do in Okc flier for            the 2019 season. We currently see approximately 3500 customers during the season, and expect this number increase by at least 150-200% with the added        locations and gear. Includes level 1 & 2.

Level 4 - $1000+    Name on plaque or structure on site at locations developed during 2019. Includes level 1, 2, & 3.

Level 5 - $5000+    Guided paddleboard and/or kayak tour for 10 people**.  “Powered by” sticker on our truck and containers.  Includes level 1, 2, 3 & 4.

*Good for the name of the donator only.
 ** At one of the bodies of water we have permits to operate on.


To order, please enter the quantity you are interested in sponsoring at. Sponsorships over $50 will require full name of person who donated (so we can send the discount pass), and the name of they wish to use in our marketing/displays. Please make sure you have a good email address so we can get in touch about the details.

Much thanks!