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Be in the Know! Teaming up with Okc Kayak...

Starting this Memorial Day Weekend, our in season hours are in full effect! This means, we'll be open...! Holidays follow the same schedule Extended Hours Start This Weekend! Yes! It's that time! We open up every... single... day starting Memorial Day Weekend Weekdays 1-8pm, Weekends 8-8p Weekdays $15/Hour Weekends/Holidays $20/Hour Tandom Kayak Hourly Per Seat Megladon IT'S HUGE Per Paddle (5-7 people) Two for $20 Tuesdays It's happening, score big on Tuesdays Just make sure you bring a friend Stand up paddleboards & kayaks Thursdays College Night, 2 for $20 Just make sure you bring a friend & college ID Thursday Night Paddle Club, 6:30 Unguided fun paddle, working our way up to a 5k Standard rental rates apply...

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Post Season Hours - In Full Effect!

The SUP season is dwindling down to an end, AND duck season is officially starting. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to be paddleboarding around hunters! They are hunting on the Stinchcomb wildlife refuge and river around dusk and dawn, so we are cutting back our hours to Sat / Sun from 10a - 5pm to keep your lovely faces safe! Our last day will be Oct 2, 2016. 

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Hidden Caribbean Paradise

Paddle Boarding Paradise….Just about anywhere you go in the Caribbean is paradise, but Eric and I stumbled on a location that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. This hidden gem is one of the great dive capitals of the world and mostly unknown to most stand up paddlers. This magical place I speak of is Roatan, Honduras. It’s a small island that sits off the coast of Honduras and is a stand up paddleboarders dream come true! It has great bays, calm water, a breathtaking reef, and shipwrecks all over the place. For those of you who don’t own inflatable boards Roatan Paddle Sports has you covered. Talk with Dave or Anita and they’ll give you pointers on where to go at...

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