Hidden Caribbean Paradise

Paddle Boarding Paradise….
Just about anywhere you go in the Caribbean is paradise, but Eric and I stumbled on a location that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. This hidden gem is one of the great dive capitals of the world and mostly unknown to most stand up paddlers. This magical place I speak of is Roatan, Honduras. It’s a small island that sits off the coast of Honduras and is a stand up paddleboarders dream come true! It has great bays, calm water, a breathtaking reef, and shipwrecks all over the place.

stand up paddleboarding ship wreck roatan

For those of you who don’t own inflatable boards Roatan Paddle Sports has you covered. Talk with Dave or Anita and they’ll give you pointers on where to go at either of their locations. Paddling in West Bay, which is where most of the tourist who plan a day at the beach go when their cruise docks, has some unbelievable spots where the reef meets cliffs.

paddleboarding ship wreck flat tide

Just mosey along the shoreline and be sure to watch what’s swimming underneath as you may get to see a sea turtle or two. Paddling in Half Moon Bay, which is adjacent to the town West End, is epic as well.

Once again there is so much reef and life to look at underneath you while you paddle the coastline of a bustling little city. One super fun attraction at Half Moon Bay is the wrecked sailboat that has been turned into a giant rope swing that the locals play on. Trust me, paddle out to it and tie your board up to the boat and swing out a time or five. Nothing brings the youth back out of ya’ like a giant rope swing.

rope swing half moon bay

Paddling Mahogany Bay was a little trickier. There isn’t a rental shop close to this location so we were lucky enough to have brought our own inflatable boards on the plane with us so we got an opportunity to explore one of the most epic shipwrecks I have ever seen! This steel skeleton shipwreck is so insane to explore as the hull towers over you while you paddle. Near the back of the boat, if the water is still enough, be sure to check out what you are paddling over. Not far away is another shipwreck, so if you aren’t wiped out from exploring this spot be sure to paddle out for more rad adventures. Just make sure you are careful as the reef is pretty shallow at the second shipwreck. If you are looking for the ultimate sup adventure then Roatan Honduras can’t be beat. Be sure to pack your snorkels and masks on your board…I promise, you’ll need them!






Original content written by Jason Smiley, created for http://standupjournal.com/hidden-caribbean-paradise-is-stand-up-paddlers-dream-come-true/